5. Monitoring Interface

Starting with LinOTP 2.8.1 a new controller is available for monitoring LinOTP. It provides the following functions:

  • monitoring/tokens: Generates a list of tokens. assigned, unassigned, active and inactive are the available statuses for the search. The search criteria can be combined with %26 (e.g. assigned+inactiv: monitoring/tokens?status=assigned%26inactive)

  • monitoring/userinfo: lists users with assigned tokens for realms

  • monitoring/license: shows license details and the number of active tokens in the system

  • monitoring/config: shows configuration entries

  • monitoring/storageEncryption: tests, if encryption is working correctly

5.1. Session parameter

The LinOTP administrative API (e.g. /manage, /admin, /system, /monitoring) requires an additional session parameter and admin_session cookie. This provides CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) protection. Then only requirement is that both values match but they should be sufficiently random so that an attacker can not simply guess it.

5.1.1. Accessing the API with your Browser

To access the administrative API in your Browser first open the Manage UI (https://FQDN/manage) and enter your admin user credentials. Then check the value of the admin_session cookie.

In Firefox this can be done as follows:

  1. Open the menu Tools/Page Info

  2. Open the tab Security

  3. Click on the View Cookies button

  4. Select the admin_session cookie

  5. Copy the content (something like 90dd0f1ac…).


Advanced users can also open a JavaScript console (e.g. Firebug) and execute the getsession() function.

Then open another browser window, type in the API call you want to make and append session. For example:


For more details about the session handling please refer to:


5.2. Examples

5.2.1. Tokens

  • Display all tokens from all realms:

  • Display all tokens from certain realms:

  • Display only assigned tokens from certain realm:

  • Display only unassigned tokens from all realms:

  • Display assigned tokens which are inactive from all realms (please mind %26 for combining assigned + inactive):


5.2.2. User information

  • Display number of users for all realms:

  • Display number of users in certain realm:


5.2.3. License

  • Show license information:

  "detail": {
     "valid": true
  "version": "LinOTP 2.8.1",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
     "status": true,
     "value": {
        "token-num": 2000,
        "token-active": 1800,
        "token-left": 200
  "id": 1

5.2.4. Configuration

  • Show configuration overview:


5.2.5. Encryption

  • Show encryption status: