Get serial by OTP

1.5.13. Get serial by OTP#

In the menu “Tools” you call the dialog “Get serial by OTP”.

Using this functionality you can enter a single OTP value to determine, what is the serial number of this token. This can be used if you find a token that has no serial number printed on it anymore. Many tokens of different vendors have a paper sticker on the back with the serial number. Sometimes the sticker falls or or the printing is rubbed of.

So this is a convenient way to identify an unknown token.


LinOTP offers to determine the serial number by providing an OTP value#

You can limit the tokens, in which this OTP value should be searched by either defining

  • the type of the token,

  • whether the token is assigned or not

  • and if the token should be in a certain realm.

Of course you need to enter the otp value that you want to search for.


As LinOTP needs to calculate many future OTP values of many tokens, this can be very time consuming!