Server installation

3.3. Server installation#

You might want to install the different components on different machines. Only the LinOTP core and the UserIdResolver need to be installed on the same server machine. The authentication modules need to be installed on the authentication server, which might be a FreeRADIUS machine.

The LinOTP Management Clients can be installed on any machine, that you want to use to manage your LinOTP infrastructure.


We recommend to install LinOTP Virtual Appliance as a single box using the ready made virtual install CD. Nevertheless, LinOTP Server can be also installed in other ways on other Linux distributions. Either as tar.gz packages or as DEB packages. Please note, that the DEB packages will only work with Python 3.7 or later.


After having installed the LinOTP server, you might want to decrease the log level by changing the file /etc/linotp/linotp.cfg. For configuration options have a look at the output of the LinOTP command line tool:


linotp config explain