3.7.7. Managing Passwords with LunaSA#

To change existing passwords you can do the following.


In nearly all cases when changing passwords you need physical access to the HSM via the PED keys!

Changing admin Password#

To change the password of the admin user you can issue the command:

lunash:> user password admin

Changing HSM PED Password#

You can change the PIN of the blue PED key using the command:

lunash:> hsm changePw


Blue HSM admin key needed!

Changing Partition Passwords#

You can change the partition password and the PIN of the black partition owner key:

lunash:> partition changePw -partition <partition-name>


Black partition owner key needed!

Resetting Partition Passwords#

If you have forgotten the partition password you can reset the partition password as HSM admin:

lunash:>hsm login

lunash:>partition resetPw -partition <partition-name>


Blue HSM admin key needed!