Notification Policies

1.6.8. Notification Policies#

Notification Policies influence the behavior during the rollout of tokens and during authentication. They control how the information is sent to the user. Templates for e-mail can be used to define the content and layout of the message.

Token autoenrollment with user notification#

  • Policy name: This is the unique name of the policy.

  • Scope: You need to set this to notification.

  • Realm: Enter the name of the realm here.

  • Action: autoenrollment=email::enroll_template

  • User: Includes the comma separated list of users, UserIdResolvers in the form ‘Resolvername:’ or the * for all can be used.

With the action autoenrollment the use of email for notification is determined :: separates the procedure email from the provider to be used. The mail provider can be customized. Details can be found in section Configure E-mail Provider details.