Configuring Realms

1.3.4. Configuring Realms#

Even if you do not run a complex scenario and you are not in the need of realms, you need at least configure one default realm, which will contain all your UserIdResolvers.


If you want to use only one realm, you should set this realm as the default realm. Otherwise, the web user interface of the administration will not show the users of this scope. If you use multiple realm, set as default the one from which the users do not have to send any realm during authentication (/validate or SelfService).


The new realm ‘linotp_admins’ includes the administrators who can log in to the /manage web ui. In it is the UserIdResolver ‘LinOTP_local_admin’ with the local administrators. You can add more resolvers.

To configure realms open LinOTP ConfigRealms.


Using the button “New” you may add new realms. The name of a realm is unique and case-IN-sensitive and may contain the following characters:

  • letters [a-z]

  • digits [0-9]

  • dash [-]

To add UserIdResolvers to a realm, select the previously defined UserIdResolver (for several hold the control key) and Save.

You may also remove the UserIdResolver from the realm again.