1.5.5. Assign tokens#

In section Import tokens you saw how to import token files.

The imported tokens are now available in LinOTP and you may now assign a token to a user.

When assigning a token to a user, the token will be put into the realm of this very user.

A restricted realm administrator, who is only allowed to manage tokens in certain realms, will not see tokens, that are not within his realm. So in this case the token first needs to be put into the realm.

For how to do this see section Manage tokens.

Multiple tokens for a user#

It is possible to assign several tokens to a single user. Although the token is identified by the OTP PIN even each token may have the same OTP PIN. In this case, the OTP value is checked with every token, that belongs to the user and matches the OTP PIN.

Assign tokens using the Web UI#

  1. To assign a token using the Web UI you need to select the token, you want to assign.


You can assign several tokens to a user by selecting more than one token. To unselect a token, you need

to left-click again.

The tokens you selected are displayed on the left sidebar under “Selected token”.


select Token#

  1. Now change to the “User View” and select the one user you want the token assign to. The name of the selected user is displayed on the left sidebar under “Selected user”.


    Select User#

  2. Now press the button assign on the left sidebar.

  3. After assigning the token you may directly enter the OTP PIN for this token.