Viewing users in certain realms

1.5.3. Viewing users in certain realms#

You can group users into realms. In the Web UI you can choose, which users from which realm you want to view.

If the administrator got restrictive policies to only manage tokens in certain realms (see chapter Introduction) he might need to select this very realm to display the users in it.

Viewing users in the Web UI#

Viewing of the users in the Web UI works a bit different.

On the left side you need to choose, which user realm you want to view. As soon as you change the realm on the left sidebar, the users from the newly selected realm will be displayed in the tab User View

You can use the pagination arrows to step through the users in this realm.


Viewing users in the web UI#

You can search by entering a search pattern in the Find field below the user list.

You can use the wildcard *. Entering *y* will find the users “debussy” and “haydn”. Entering b* will find the users “bach”, “beethoven”, “berlioz” and “brahms”.

When having entered the search pattern hit Enter to start the search.