4.10. Change the server SSL certificate#

The appliance comes with a self-signed SSL certificate for the HTTPS connection. On the tab System Certificate you can change the default certificate.


Here you have got two options.

4.10.1. New self-signed certificate#

You can create a new self-signed certificate if you do not trust the old certificate anymore.

4.10.2. Create Certificate Request – Externally signed Certificate#

This is a two step process:

1. Create the certificate signing request. The hostname and domain name you entered in the network settings is used to make up the FQDN for the certificate signing request. Push the button generate certificate signing request and then copy the CSR to a file or directly to the CA where you want the request to be signed.

2. When you have got the certificate back from the CA paste the PEM encoded certificate and push the button upload signed certificate.

The private key does not leave the appliance. The uploaded certificate is checked to fit the private key.