3.4. Configuring Realms

Even if you do not run a complex scenario and you are not in the need of realms, you need at least configure one default realm, which will contain all your UserIdResolvers.


If you will use only one realm, you should set this realm the default realm. Otherwise the management Web UI will not display the users of this realm.

To configure realms open Config → Server Configuration and go to the tab “Realms”. Using the button “Add Realm” you may add new realms. The name of a realm is unique and case-IN-sensitive and may contain the following characters:

  • letters [a-z]

  • digits [0-9]

  • dash [-]

To add UserIdResolvers to a realm, select the previously defined UserIdResolver from the combobox on the right side and click “Add user store to realm”. You may also remove the UserIdResolver from the realm again. Using the second combobox you may choose, which of your realms should be the default realm. For the idea behind the default realm and the UserIdResolvers as far as authentication is concerned read section UserIdResolvers and Realms - The Concepts. The changes get written to the server and get active when you push the button “OK”.