Configuring network settings

4.4. Configuring network settings#

Here you can configure all important details of the network settings for the appliance. The Appliance comes with one network device with a predefined fixed IP address (which was configured during the installation wizard).

To perform the basic IP configuration go to the tab Network Interfaces.


Appliance Network Configuration#

Here you can setup the IP address, the netmask and the default gateway. Additionally you should go to Network DNS + Hostname to setup the hostname and the DNS server.

If you need to setup additional routes go to Network Routing.


We strongly recommend using a NTP server to keep the time of the appliance in sync. This is crucial for the correct working of time based tokens.

A popup tells you that your configuration has changed and needs to be saved:



Each time you change the current configuration set, you will get a note telling you, that the configuration was changed and that you should save and activate it. You can perform many configuration changes before you finally decide, whether you want to apply them in one commit or discard them