4.16. License and Update key#

The purchased license is valid for a certain period of time and can then be exchanged according to the following instructions. The license is part of the SVA backups and should be checked for validity after a restore. As soon as messages appear in the /managent about an expired license or a number of tokens exceeding the limit, our sales department should be contacted to correct the license.


Authentication of users is not stopped immediately when limits are exceeded.

4.16.1. Install a new license#

There are two ways to do this:

  • Using the appliance dashboard (https:<LINOTP>:8443) on the tab License.

    • Tab current license - allows to display the current license.

    • Tab upgrade license - allows to renew the current license. Allowed are valid license files, checked are the start and end date, as well as the active token count. The import of the license is done with the account of an authorized manager of /manage, not with the root user.

  • Use of /manage

    • In the manage UI (https:<LINOTP>/manage) on the tab Help.

    • The current license is displayed and can be renewed with Set Support and Subscription.


4.16.2. Install a new Update key#


The update key is needed to get the updates to LinOTP and the appliance from the maintainer’s repo. The repos of the operating system are also redirected.

  • Use the appliance dashboard (https:<LINOTP>:8443) on the tab License * Tab update key - display the current key and allow to change the key.


The update key is not part of the backup of the SVA, it must be entered again after a restore. 99999999 is a placeholder.