7.7. Managing Passwords with LunaSA

To change existing passwords you can do the following.


In nearly all cases when changing passwords you need physical access to the HSM via the PED keys!

7.7.1. Changing admin Password

To change the password of the admin user you can issue the command:

lunash:> user password admin

7.7.2. Changing HSM PED Password

You can change the PIN of the blue PED key using the command:

lunash:> hsm changePw


Blue HSM admin key needed!

7.7.3. Changing Partition Passwords

You can change the partition password and the PIN of the black partition owner key:

lunash:> partition changePw -partition <partition-name>


Black partition owner key needed!

7.7.4. Resetting Partition Passwords

If you have forgotten the partition password you can reset the partition password as HSM admin:

lunash:>hsm login

lunash:>partition resetPw -partition <partition-name>


Blue HSM admin key needed!