The Source of LinOTP is available on GitHub.

To clone the LinOTP Source Code use:

git clone


LinOTP can be accessed using an easy to use Web API. Please refer to the extensive API documentation.

All management, validation and authorization functions of LinOTP can be reached using the API. Perfect for integration in your existing environment with just a few lines of code.

API Example

If you want to valdiate an OTP value you can call LinOTP using POST or GET requests. This example uses a get request for demonstration.


The answer is in JSON format.

   "version": "LinOTP 2.8.1",
   "jsonrpc": "2.0",
   "result": {
      "status": true,
      "value": false
   "id": 0

Have a look at the API and the LinOTP manual for more examples and documentation of the API.

Module Development Example

The LinOTP manual contains a nice example on how to develop your own LinOTP modules using the API.