Contribute to LinOTP

LinOTP is developed and maintained by the LinOTP Team at netgo GmbH. netgo guarantees the future development of LinOTP and is investing in its future.

The LinOTP core is AGPLv3 from the beginning and now everything is either GPLv2 or AGPLv3. We love the fact you can look at the code and together with us improve on it. If you developed a module that might be interesting to the LinOTP community or modified LinOTP in an interesting way, please let us know by sending a pull request on Github or sending an e-mail to so others in the community can use it, too.

Join the mailing lists

We, the LinOTP team, are maintaining a maillinglist on Google Groups.

Please join us in discussing LinOTP, what you can do with it and what you are already doing with it.

We love feedback about what worked for you and what didn't, so we get to know where we can improve LinOTP.

Disclaimer: The maillist is not an official support channel for netgo LinOTP Enterprise Support customers. Please refer to the official channels for Enterprise Support and questions about the LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance.

Feedback and Bugs

If you have found a bug in LinOTP or want to give direct feedback to the LinOTP Team please send your findings to info (at)