linotp package

LinOTP is an open solution for strong two-factor authentication

with One Time Passwords.

LinOTP server is licensed under the AGPLv3, so that you are able to have a complete working open source solution. But LinOTP 2 is also open as far as its modular architecture is concerned. LinOTP 2 aims to not bind you to any decision of the authentication protocol or it does not dictate you where your user information should be stored. This is achieved by its new, totally modular architecture.


LinOTP already comes with several tokenclasses defined in linotp.tokens But you can simply define your own tokenclass object. Take a look at the base class in


LinOTP can use arbitrary methods to look up your user base - the userid resolvers. With LinOTP comes a flatfile (passwd), the ldap/active directory resolver and a sql resolver.

LinOTP is accessed via a simple http based api, which returns json object that are easy to integrate into your authetication solution. Or you can use the simple webui which come with linotp