linotp.controllers.audit module

audit controller - to search the audit trail

class linotp.controllers.audit.AuditController(name, install_name='', **kwargs)

Bases: BaseController

this is the controller for doing some audit stuff



GET, POST /audit/search

Deprecated since version 3.2: Requests using HTTP POST method (because it is only reading data). This endpoint will only be available via HTTP GET method in the future.

This functions searches within the audit trail It returns the audit information for the given search pattern

arguments are key, value pairs as search patterns.



(optional) if set to “csv”, than the token list will be given in CSV or: Usually the key=values will be locally AND concatenated.

it a parameter or=true is passed, the filters will be OR concatenated.

The Flexigrid provides us the following parameters:

(‘page’, u‘1’), (‘rp’, u‘25’), (‘sortname’, u’number’), (‘sortorder’, u’asc’), (‘query’, u’‘), (‘qtype’, u’serial’)]


JSON response or csv format